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A Witch in Wine Country

(Available for Representation Spring 2020)

Tabitha Spero sees dead people, but it’s the ghosts of her past that haunt her. As an adult child of an alcoholic, she’s clawed her way up from homelessness and poverty with a single-minded focus: money, success, safety. When her big break comes by way of a development project in Northern Michigan, it offers a side of revenge. She can take the family winery away from the people who kicked her out of her childhood home and destroyed her mother’s life.

But the Witchstone Winery works its own magic. Tabitha finds herself torn between her charming boss and the childhood best friend she’d learned to hate. When a murder throws the fate of the winery into question, she must decide how to salvage her career and cope with her mother’s bitter legacy. To resolve the riddle of her heart’s desire, Tabitha must heed the silent spirits of the dead, unearth the secrets that shaped her, and decide which ones to keep. If she hurries, she can have it all, but she doesn’t have much time. Someone thinks the Witchstone is worth killing for.

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The Mel Goodman Series

(Early Revisions)

A woman raised by witches comes to term with her magic and identity while fighting crime and finding love.  The series takes place in the fictional town of Milton, Michigan, as well as the nearby towns and wilderness areas in Barron County.  The books feature a cast rich in gender, sexual, body, and racial diversity, including main characters in polyamorous relationships.

Punch Drunk Magic (Mel Goodman: Book 1)


Research psychologist Mel Goodman spent ten years building a life centered around science and reason, and it has just come crashing down around her ears. To be fair, it had a lot of help from her abusive ex husband.

Now she’s come running back to her small Michigan hometown, and her eccentric mother’s Pagan shop. Mel’s only goal is to put on her sweatpants, climb inside a gallon of ice cream, and wallow in her misery for a little while.  

But the universe has other plans.

A handsome detective shows up on her doorstep with news of a murdered witch. He needs Mel’s help to navigate the stubbornly secretive Pagan community she grew up in, before the killer can strike again. As she steps back into the world she left behind, Mel’s water magic begins to flourish, threatening the rational worldview she worked so hard to cultivate. To find the murderer, Mel must learn to accept her magic. To find love, she must learn to accept herself.