I’m doing my very first ever NaNoWriMo! I’ve always wanted to participate, and never managed a clear enough schedule to do so. This year, I’ve got a project in the hands of beta readers and cleared the deck for November. I’m excited to announce my NaNo project, with the working title “Inheritance:”

When professional psychic Silver Chase (a.k.a. Agnes) arrives in Weldon Falls, Michigan, she has two goals. The first is to claim the estate of the birth father she’d never known. The second is to avoid as many people as she can. The second had always been her goal. But as the small, strange town begins to pull her into its secrets, she’s torn between a misanthropic neighbor she just can’t seem to avoid pissing off, and a handsome local cop who seems determined to make her social. As the secrets turn deadly, she must decide who to trust, when her instincts tell her the answer is “nobody.”

If you’d like to buddy up, my profile name is JoGeekly!

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